Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships is a compilation of power-paced teachings on relationships, their foundation and purposes. If you or anyone you know is having difficulty building and/or maintaining successful relationships, these teachings will expose the reasons why, and give you solutions for overcoming the most fundamental challenges in any and every relationship.


Greg Powe Ministries

Our mission is to bring truth to the world both locally and internationally; we meet the needs of people with truth. Pastor Powe believes that when you effectively impart truth and vision and build strong leaders, you create the proper foundation to not only invoke change in your local city, state, or nation, but in the world.


GPM is here for Churches, Pastors, and Leaders who are dedicated to building the Kingdom of God and are in search of finding hope, developing in leadership, discovering vision and committing themselves to creating change not only today but for generations to come.


Greg Powe Ministries presents our mass media outlet; One Truth, the powerful tool we use to help spread the Word of God throughout the world.


Greg Powe Ministries is always preparing to go wherever God leads Pastor Greg Powe. GPM is ready to impart truth, expand visions, and build strong leaders by forming long lasting relationships that create a foundation to bring hope and change to cities and nations forever.


Conferences, community functions, church fellowships and charities are among the many ways we impart truth and strengthen our world.


GPM is actively establishing relationships, building leadership, and birthing vision in people and churches throughout the world. Follow us, as we follow Christ.

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Places Impacted

Here are a few places that we have planted the seed of Jesus Christ